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Square Dance Etc provides dance entertainment to audiences world wide. Placeholder  ImageWhen it comes to life's joys we believe firmly that happiness is created by a careful mix of friends, music and dance. Friends we meet on the dance floor and at every turn in our lives. Music we bring from every corner of the world to put rhythm to the dance. Dances we love come from around the world, but we have a focus on American Folk dances including the square dance, contra dance, line dance, round dance, and country western dance families.  Services include square dance entertainment being held at churches, schools, dance studios, ballrooms, barns, granges. Organizers request we provide entertainment or instruction for their planned square dances / hoedowns / barn dances / contra dances / round dance parties or classes.

Please contact us at Info@SquareDanceEtc.com or 303-808-7837 for additional information or to book our services.

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Classes ...

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Dances ...

Dances ...

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Introduction to Square Dance Class

Intermediate Square Dance Class

1st & 3rd Heather Twirlers
Aurora, CO

2nd & 4th Fly’n B Squares dance
Wind Crest
Littleton, CO



. . .


1st, 3rd & 5th Various dances

2nd & 4th Red Hot Country Square
Grandview Grange
Centennial, CO

1st, 3rd & 5th Sunflower Squares
Castle Rock, CO

2nd & 4th Various clubs or events

Plus Class
October 12th
Danza Dance Academy
Castle Rock, CO

Team practices & Various dances

Red Hot Country Squares ... join this group of excited dancers for another in this dance series dedicated to providing a dance experience to those that would like to enjoy the basics of the square dance activity.  We will use the basics of square dancing (includes Callerlab Basic 1 & 2 calls) with great music and you to have an enjoyable evening.  This group meets the 2nd & 4th Friday’s of most months from 7:30-9:30pm at 2280 Noble Pl, Centennial, CO (Grandview Grange) near the intersection of Arapahoe Rd and University Blvd in Centennial.

Heather Twirlers ... The club has been in operation for more than forty years.  Today the group dances on the first and third Wednesday’s of each month to the calling & cueing of Bob & Allynn Riggs with a few guest callers on occasion.  The group dances a fun program of Mainstream that can be challenging for those attending. The group meets from 7:30pm-9:30pm at the Heather Gardens Clubhouse, 2888 Heather Gardens Way, Aurora, CO 80014.

Sunflower Squares ... this club has been holding square dances since the fall of 1978 when it was formed by a group of dancers at the Sunflower Grange in Sedalia, CO. Today the group dances on the first and third Saturday’s of most months of the year to a variety of callers & cuers. The group dances a fun and often challenging program of Mainstream with some plus and round dancing added for fun. Funshop 7:00 ... Mainstream Dance 7:30-9:30pm .... Plus & refreshments 9:30 at Danza Dance Academy, 4807 Industrial Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109.

Fly’n B Squares ... this group dances at Wind Crest at Erickson Living in Highlands Ranch, CO. The group will celebrate their 7th anniversary this fall and continues to hold community dances on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of most months. The group dances a fun program of basics starting each evening with a short class, continuing to our intermediates, i.e. the orange group and finishing with fun tips at the level of those more experienced dancers that are attending.  The group meets from 7:00-9:00pm at the Flyin Bee Cafe in Wind Crest, 3235 Mill Vista Rd, Highland Rance, CO 80129. Contact us if you would like more information or would like to attend.

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