Square Dance Etc Services

Square Dance Etc hase been serving the American Folk Dance community since 1975.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 303-808-7837 or send us an e-mail at info@squaredanceetc.com.

NetObjects Fusion 2013Square Dance Club event Caller or Caller & Cuer

We call Basic, Mainstream and Plus dances. For Club dances we can provide both square dance calling and round dance cuing services. If desired line dances and contra dances can be added

Prices are negotiated, typically a fee defined as the greater of a percentage of the gross proceeds of the event net of expenses like cuer and hall rent or a flat minimum.]

IMG_2945NetObjects Fusion 2013Dance Party event Leader/Caller

We lead dance party entertainment for church events, community parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, youth camps, school programs and enjoy providing convention entertainment.

Prices are negotiated for each event, typically the fee is based on the number of attendees, length of the event and services desired. Beyond leading the dance, we offer event planning, Disc Jockey, MC and facilitation services.

NetObjects Fusion 2013Dance Lessons/Classes

We provide workshops & classes in the basics of Square & Round Dancing. Typical classes include the basic figures, mainstream, plus or advanced figures for square dancing and square dance level round for round dancing in a variety of class formats.  Classes offered include:
    Introduction to Square Dancing - 12 session series
    Mainstream Square Dancing - 6-8 session series
    Plus basics - 10 session series
    DBD Workshops - continuous drop-in series
    Advanced - session series to complete A1 and A2
    Dancing with Style 1-2 sessions
Prices are set by class sessions and/or individual classes.

Dancing In Schools

We provide a variety of programs for schools. This may be a single school dance or a series of classes that teach courtesy, dance history, rhythmic movement to the beat of music and teamwork presented within the framework of American Folk Dance, i.e. square dancing, contra dancing, line dancing, etc.

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